Rational Games

A new brand identity for a social enterprise that solves conflicts with fun and games

Project description

Rational Games

Corporate Website
Corporate Design
Visual Merchandise
Infographic Design


In collaboration with:
Anna Fitzon

Playful negotiation training for serious people

Rational Games provides professional coaching services to select customers worldwide. The unique feature of their method is the playful approach used to teach concrete negotiation skills. The interaction of unconventional methods and definitive conflict resolution is visualized by a typographic system that combines a classic Grotesk font with playful letters.

Playing games with bright red letters

The new word mark symbolizes the strategic moves that take place during a negotiation on a subtle, graphic level. Rational arguments alternate within the typeface with emotional movements between each letter. Despite the use of bright red letters – a color known for its association with conflict – its use speaks for the dynamic optimism and friendliness of the new brand identity.

Revenue flows into like-minded, social projects

Rational games is a non-profit organization that stands by its principles. The income derived from seminars and coaching flow directly into social initiatives that promote conflict resolution through playful or creative methods all over the world. The idea behind this is a firm conviction that the universal power of games can make the world a better place, and above all, a more peaceful place to live.

The website as the most important point of contact for customers, supporters, and partners

The company website conveys the unique philosophy of Rational Games in a memorable way. Potential customers, supporters, and partners get a glimpse of exciting projects and gain valuable insights on negotiation strategies on CEO and Harvard graduate Marc Young’s prestigious blog.