Quite Quiet

Introducing a sustainable jewelry brand that aims to redefine luxury

Project description

Quite Quiet

Corporate Design
Art Direction
Name Finding
Design Consulting

In collaboration with Anna Fitzon

Editorial photography: Lina Zangers
Product photography: Quite Quiet

Online-Shop: quite-quiet.com

g31 Quite Quiet Gravur

Synchronous wordplay, attitude, and branding

Quite Quiet combines innovative industrial aesthetics with emotional jewelry design. Their philosophy is that real luxury is created when all aspects of a product are applied with the utmost care – from clear design principles, to fair-traded materials and sustainable production. g31’s task was to transfer this philosophy into a brand world that graphically represents Quite Quiet’s minimalist design principles and sustainable practices.

g31 Quite Quiet Open Door
g31 Quite Quiet Visitenkarten 2
g31 Quite Quiet Packaging
g31 Quite Quiet Cards
g31 Quite Quiet gif
g31 Quite Quiet Q

A Deliberately Understated Visual Identity

At the core of the brand world is the custom drawn word mark, translating »Quite Quiet« into a calm typographical image. To achieve this aesthetic, we combined the elegant contrast of a serif font with the modern look and feel of a grotesk font, while avoiding the use of superfluous graphic décor.

g31 Quite Quiet Laden 1
g31 Quite Quiet Keramik
g31 Quite Quiet Necklace

Fair trade materials, high end design

At Quite Quiet, traditional craftsmanship meets modern industrial manufacturing techniques using sustainable materials. By embracing this complex interaction of principles, a brand world emerges whose progressive, visual ethos is perceptible in every aspect of the brand – whether it’s the individual products, the emotional image language, or the design of the shop.

g31 Quite Quiet Ring
g31 Quite Quiet Model Earrings
g31 Quite Quiet Model Rings
g31 Quite Quiet Stillleben
g31 Quite Quiet Letterhead
g31 Quite Quiet Visitenkarten
g31 Quite Quiet Laden Außen
g31 Quite Quiet Johanna Jonas