Port7 Rechtsanwälte

Branding and website for a law firm that speaks your language

Project description

Port7 Rechtsanwälte

Corporate Design
Name Finding
Kick-Off Branding Workshop
BackEnd Development
FrontEnd Development


In collaboration with Thanh-Thao Tran and Kevin Runck

Straightforward advice instead of nebulous legal jargon

The law firm, found in Münster’s harbor district, is comprised of a community of legal experts who believe in clarity and transparency for their clients. We used their focus on clients through straightforward communication as a central verbal and visual theme throughout the entire brand image.

g31 port7 corporate design type print meeting room
g31 port7 corporate design vcards
g31 port7 corporate design vcard lettercase

Modern interpretation of a harbor district

The inspiration for the look and feel of Port7’s brand is heavily influenced by the colors, materials, and typography of a traditional harbor district, reinterpreted in a modern way. The law firm’s name, developed by g31, also subtly refers to the fact that clients can unload their (legal) burdens at Port7.

Typographic puzzle as a key visual image

Instead of communicating procedures in a clear and transparent way, clients in need of a lawyer are often tasked with deciphering confusing legal jargon for themselves. The metaphor of a typographic word puzzle visualizes both the problem and the solution at the same time; cryptic legal text is interrupted with clear, distinctive messages.

g31 port7 corporate design brand book
g31 port7 corporate design icon set
g31 port7 corporate design pictogram icon

A law firm website with character

Port7’s website is based on a mixture of authentic photographs, confident text, and striking typography. Unique icons were developed and animated in the style of the company’s typeface for each of the legal disciplines Port7 specializes in. The website is optimized for display on all devices.