Himmels real estate development
Corporate Design

Lofty new brand identity for Himmels real estate development

Project description

Himmels real estate development
Corporate Design

Corporate Website
Corporate Design
Art Direction
Claim Development

In collaboration with:
Anna Fitzon

Jens Quasten


himmels immobilienentwicklung visitenkarten

A clear profile through distinct typography

The aim of Himmel’s new look is to translate a high standard of living to a corresponding graphic identity. The interplay of a concise typographical system, the airy use of space, and the new claim development “Bau und Raum für ihr Zuhause” (Structure and room for your home), create a coherent, trust building brand experience.

himmels immobilienentwicklung briefpapier umschlag
himmels immobilienentwicklung visitenkarten
himmels immobilienentwicklung visitenkarten
himmels immobilienentwicklung briefpapier

Subtle quality design

The graphic design deliberately restrains itself in order to leave abundant space for content. The combination of two fonts creates a bridge between young and old, and modern and traditional styles. High quality materials and Letterpress relief printing – typical of a company from Düsseldorf – contribute to an exclusive yet grounded overall impression.

himmels immobilienentwicklung breifpapier visitenkarten umschlag
himmels immobilienentwicklung
himmels immobilienentwicklung broschüre
himmels immobilienentwicklung broschüre

Inviting, functional website

Subtle quality design is also the credo of the company’s website. Large scale photographs compliment descriptive text. Aerial photographs help the viewer to arrange the objects spatially, helping readers to view things from a different perspective.

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