Elements Media Storage

Branding for an innovative IT storage solutions provider

Project description

Elements Media Storage

Corporate Design
Claim Development
Communication Strategy
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Iconset Design


Human Centered Media Storage

ELEMENTS develops and distributes storage solutions for the media and entertainment industry. Instead of highlighting the various IT aspects of their brand, the company, headquartered in Düsseldorf, London, and Los Angeles, focuses on the everyday life and needs of users. Our task was to translate this philosophy into a visual identity that translates the industry’s technical focus into an emotional design language.

Elements Visitenkarten
Elements Visitenkarten

Succinct Logo System

By stacking individual graphic elements, we created an iconic image-mark that resembles server racks and media storage. The pixel based aesthetic also points to ELEMENTS’s origins – the IT industry. The word-mark is based on a modular stencil font also subtly references the brand name.

Differentiation through Product Logos

Since ELEMENT’s products are visually similar, it is important to establish unique graphics to differentiate between different products. All product logos are based on a simple grid that concisely points to the functionality of each product.

Newly Designed Icon Set

An important part of the brand world is the use of icons. The new ELEMENTS icons were developed using the same stencil aesthetic as the new typography.