71°East – Astana Apart Hotel

Brand development of a locally rooted, international hotel in the capital of Kazakhstan

Project description

71°East – Astana Apart Hotel

Corporate Design
Art Direction
Name Finding

In cooperation with Anna FitzonAndreas Steinbrecher and Andreas van Zadelhoff

This project has not been realized

Schild – 71°East Hotel – g31

A small revolution in Astana’s international hotel market

Almost all hotels in Kazakhstan’s capital are based on the same international standards, which has created a landscape of anonymous, sterile, and ultimately forgettable overnight stays. The 71°East (Astana’s longitude) fills a unique niche in this otherwise corporate dominated space: a hotel brand that combines local charm with cosmopolitan elegance. They offer a cultural hotspot for local residents, business travelers, and backpackers alike – an inspiring point of contact in the world’s second-coldest capital city. Our task was to translate this claim into an authentic brand identity from the ground up – assisting in brand name creation, strategy, and an overall design system.

Headline – 71°East Hotel – g31
Promo-Karten – 71°East Hotel – g31
Treppenhaus – 71°East Hotel – g31
Buch – 71°East Hotel – g31
Poster – 71°East Hotel – g31

A strong brand personality in the melting pot of cultural influences

Kazakhstan has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its breathtaking nature. Astana, on the other hand, is known as a modern international business city with dynamic modern architecture. The balance between historical traditions, modern city life, old and new, local and international, has been the breeding ground on which we have developed 71°East’s brand. The entire design system plays with the contrasts of different worlds: factual grotesque fonts meet playful serif typefaces; delicate illustrations meet bold ornamental patterns, elegance and class fuse with humor and wit.

Baumwolle Illustration – 71°East Hotel – g31
Visitenkarten – 71°East Hotel – g31
Umschläge – 71°East Hotel – g31
Speisekarte – 71°East Hotel – g31
Headline – 71°East Hotel – g31
Tür – 71°East Hotel – g31
Treppenhaus – 71°East Hotel – g31
Beutel – 71°East Hotel – g31
Pferd Illustration – 71°East Hotel – g31
Türschilder – 71°East Hotel – g31
Geschäftsausstattung – 71°East Hotel – g31
Türschild – 71°East Hotel – g31

Modern illustrations of traditional Kazakh motifs

A central cornerstone of 71°East’s visual identity are the modern interpretations of local motifs by Kazakh born illustrator Andreas Steinbrecher. The drawings exude a sense of levity and coziness, organically connecting the hotel with the surrounding cultural heritage while still giving the design system an independent twist. Modern and multi-dimensional, warm and inviting: 71°East is a symbol of a progressive and proud Kazakhstan.

Adler Illustration – 71°East Hotel – g31
Tee Illustration – 71°East Hotel – g31
Pantoffeln Illustration – 71°East Hotel – g31
Toiletten – 71°East Hotel – g31
Pflegeartikel – 71°East Hotel – g31
Briefbogen – 71°East Hotel – g31
Postkarten – 71°East Hotel – g31