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We develop brands, campaigns, websites, and print media for clients across business, education, and cultural sectors

Creative Consulting

For us, creating an open dialogue between our clients and our team is critical in developing a successful brand design.  Before we begin each project, we like to invest time to understand each clients’ culture, drive, and industry through personalized workshops. This ensures new ideas, perspectives, and reflections. 


Design shouldn’t be a static end product – we work to create brand visualizations true to the content and character of each client - across all media forms. Whether it’s a website, a campaign, or a booth at a trade fair, we strive for coherent branding that honestly showcases our clients’ personality – both internally and externally.


We design the interface between people and brands. Our objective is to translate abstract content into emotional design language, in order to tell an interesting story. Therefore, our work is measured in the quality and intuitiveness of the interaction between people and your brand – both in digital and print media.


Our approach is holistic, idea-driven and striving for simplicity


We bring the best people in our network together for each project

Mats Kubiak - g31 - Designer / Art-Direktor Mats Kubiak - g31 - Radfahrer

Mats Kubiak
Designer / Art-Director

Mats Kubiak brought g31 to life. Despite his dashing boyish looks, Mats brings years of experience as an art director at a publishing house, a freelance photographer, and as a drummer in several hardcore punk bands to our team. After studying design at HS Düsseldorf, Mats has been putting his productive hyperactivity to good use by serving as g31’s resident jack of all trades.

Marc Kloubert - g31 - Designer / Frontend-Entwickler Marc Kloubert - g31 - Krav Maga Kämpfer

Marc Kloubert
Designer / Developer

Marc Kloubert is the productivity powerhouse of the office. He is an expert in all things web design, coding, and user experience – so much so that right after finishing his degree at HS Düsseldorf, they offered him a teaching position on the spot. In Marc’s free time he practices Krav Maga - contact combat fight training used by the Israeli army. I mean, you know why wouldn’t he?

Paul Schoemaker Paul Schoemaker - g31 - Fussballer

Paul Schoemaker
Designer / Copywriter

Paul Schoemaker studied copywriting at the Texterschmiede Hamburg, where he learned how advertising works, inspires, and sells. He further honed these skills at the HS Düsseldorf, focusing on developing relevant content through good ideas, rather than being the loudest voice in the room. After having studied and worked in Reykjavik, London, and Amsterdam, he feels most at home playing for his local football team.

Kevin Runck - - Backend Entwickler - Programmierer Kevin Runck - - Snowboarder

Kevin Runck
Programmer / Content Developer

Kevin Runck is a computer nerd and surferboy. He studied media management and communications on top of studying computer science - and is a trained IT systems engineer / freelance web developer to boot. However, instead of hanging out in basements and hosting LAN parties, Kevin can be found buried in fresh powder or crashing against big ocean waves like any good surfer boy.

Axel Mohr - g31 - Motion Design / Sound Design Axel Mohr - g31 - Fechter

Axel Mohr
Motion -/ Sound Designer

Axel Mohr is the token jukebox of the office. When he's not serenading us with his legendary animal impressions, he is working on slick animations and catchy sounds. He can also be found under his pseudonym Roberto Echo, releasing relaxing instrumental beats that serve as the other (much more relaxing) half of our office jukebox soundtrack.

Anna Fitzon Anna Fitzon

Anna Fitzon

For quite a long time Anna Fitzon was the only woman in the office and therefore the last bastion of g31's equal gender representation. While all other colleagues design by swinging clubs, Anna uses her unique blend of levelheadedness to get things done. Since graduating summa cum laude from HS Düsseldorf, she has been working as a freelance designer. She is pretty convinced that the best ideas come when you're upside down in the yoga studio.

Daniel Hallmann Daniel Hallmann

Daniel Hallmann

If computer programming were stonemasonry, HSD graduate Daniel Hallmann would be able to whip up the Cologne cathedral out of a single piece of stone. In a few days. Only using his keyboard. In addition to his savant like relationship with complex web applications, Daniel dives the seven seas – presumably because there are secrets down there even he hasn’t figured out yet.

Maximilian Fraundorfer Maximilian Fraundorfer

Maximilian Fraundorfer
Designer / Motion Designer

Maximilian Fraundorfer shoots out more energy than a Tesla coil. After completing his degree at HS Düsseldorf, he worked as a motion designer for a large post-production company – but his creative repertoire goes far beyond moving images. From the most refined After Effects magic tricks to lightning-fast biceps curls – Max is our main man!

Thanh-Thao Tran Thanh-Thao Tran

Thanh-Thao Tran

Having been bestowed such a typographically wonderful name, Thanh-Thao Tran grew up honing her graphic design skills since the day she learned writing. After graduating from HS Düsseldorf, Thao worked at a prestigious London design studio until she (luckily for us) came back to her homeland. As a stylish Asian woman, she loves Jackie Chan movies and also distributes her fair share of roundhouse kicks herself.

Morten Sassi Morten Sassi

Morten Aaron Sassi
Developer / Designer

Not only does Morten Aaron Sassi have the most progressive name in the world – he also knows how to use it. While studying Design in Bielefeld, Morten specialized in the nexus between design and code, giving him the best of both worlds. After working for a few years in a permanent position, he supports us as a freelance web developer and as our super chill office skater boy.

Patrick Mariathasan, g31 Patrick Mariathasan, g31

Patrick Mariathasan
Designer / Illustrator

Patrick Mariathasan is the lifeguard in chief in our Hamburg office. As a passionate swimmer, he knows exactly how to rack up medals – which is clearly reflected in his impressive design résumé. After studying at HS Düsseldorf, as a partner at a design collective, and in various stations in digital agencies, he now keeps our northernmost location on course.


We design for people, not for target markets


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