Workshops & talks
for businesses and institutions

We like talking about our work – preferably in an open dialogue setting

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Workshops & talks
for businesses and institutions

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g31 Beratung Consulting Workshops

Workshops on branding

Employees of small and medium sized companies are particularly able to influence how their brand is perceived and evolves. Therefore, we organize workshops targeted towards building employees’ brand awareness, allowing for consistent brand management and growth. In the second half of our workshops, we reflect upon the context, drive, and meaning of employees’ work in order to further identify the essence of the brand’s identity.

g31 Beratung Consulting Workshops
g31 - Paul Schoemaker - Vortrag

Inspiring and informal presentations

We like to talk about what drives us, and what is important to our work. Upon request we develop personalized presentations on topics related to branding, (web)design and communication.